One Barn. Two Girls. Plenty of Ponies. Tons of Adventures!

Welcome to #BarnBFF, a new equestrian youth book series for ages 7-12.


Explore the fictional world of Gemma Shu-Risso and Liv Gordon, two young riders at Mangrove Equestrian Center in Florida. Each novel centers around a new equestrian adventure with trusty trainer Kelly Van Beek, their bud Landon Garcia and of course their cute ponies Chocolate Charm ("Chewy") and Silver Finch ("Finn").

Looking for an updated version of The Saddle Club? Now you’ve found it!

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"Around The Corner"

The Shark Island Horse Show is only a week away! BarnBFFs Liv Gordon and Gemma Shu-Risso can’t wait, except Liv’s pony won’t steer and Gemma’s family is too busy to go. Will the girls make it to the show?

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"Hard To Catch"

Gemma Shu-Risso’s pony Chewy won’t be caught, even with the help of her BarnBFF,  Liv Gordon. Neither will the wild animals discovered in the barn. With bad weather rolling in, will the girls catch them in time?

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"Head Shy"

There’s a new pony at Mangrove Equestrian! Liv and Gemma are excited. She was an eventing pony and now the BarnBFFs want to try cross-country riding. Will another rider and an injury make it tough for the girls?

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#BarnBFF Ambassador Program

Do you love to RIDE?

Do you love to READ?

BarnBFF Ambassadors are avid readers and riders who help us spread the word about the series and help us shape the following books in the series with their ideas and suggestions. Ambassadors love to read, love to ride, and are true young horsewomen.


  • Read our books

  • Post short reviews on (with help from parents)

  • Follow our social media accounts (if you have social media*)

  • Like, comment, and tag people on our posts*

  • Post about the books on your own social media accounts*

  • Send us photos of you and your pony for our #BarnBFF social media accounts! ( We love all sorts of photos. Photos of you reading our books, photos of your pony around the barn, photos of you competing.)

*Social media accounts are not a requirement for being an Ambassador. We respect the choices of families to make the right decision for their children regarding social media.


  • Copies of every new #BarnBFF book

  • Tee shirts and other #BarnBFF swag

  • Naming rights for ponies/horses in future books


Young Authors
Do you write stories too? Send them to us and we will publish them on our website.


Charity Book Sales
Book Ambassadors are also encouraged to host a book sale at their barn or at a horse show with all proceeds to benefit an animal charity of your choosing! We will supply the books and help you donate the money from the books sold.

Adult/Parent Participation and Ambassadors
Parents are an important part of this partnership. If you have any questions about the program or any ideas that you think will enhance the program, we would love to hear from you. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

We also welcome parent-child Ambassador teams, parent-only ambassadors, and adult ambassadors - especially barn owners, trainers or managers!


If you would like to apply to be an ambassador, please email or use the form below. Please answer the following questions:

1. Name?

2. Town & State?

3. Favorite Horse or Pony?

4. Why you want to be an Ambassador?

5. One cool idea for how you would spread the word about the books!

About the Authors

Kim Ablon Whitney is a USEF ‘R’ horse show judge and author of horse books, including The Perfect Distance, Blue Ribbons and The Show Circuit Series.


Caraneen Smith created and runs the popular horse websites and

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